Boba Connoisseurs of the West Coast

They say good boba is hard to find. This is where you'll learn to make awesome boba at home.

It was 2001, and across two different cities, we had each taken our first sips of milk tea and boba, also known as bubble tea. It was sweet, rich and creamy, and the extra chewiness was a bit of getting used to. It was delicious, and the rest was history.

Well, not that simply. We had a few go-to tea houses in our respective little worlds, and went for years. Then, we travelled farther and wider, sometimes two hour flights and sometimes eight hour road trips (can you say boba addict?), and discovered real tea, less powders, and a galaxy of delicious toppings. Even now as yuppies living in one of the boba capitals of the world, we travel on average one hour per trip, three times a week for our favorite tea houses.

They say good boba is hard to find. When you don’t want to travel for good boba, you shouldn’t have to. This is where you’ll learn how to make awesome craft bubble tea and coffee drinks at home.