How to Make Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema

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One of the best and innovative things that has ever happened to the bubble tea world was the creation of sea cream, also known as crema, mustache, sea foam, sea salt cream, etc.

In laymen’s terms it is a salted whipped cream that floats on top of the drink, and we love to put that shit on everything. One of the best drink bases to put sea cream on is black coffee – an ode to lattes.

The sea cream softens the edge of black coffee, so what we need to ensure is that the coffee has just enough strength and nuttiness so that neither ingredients overpower the other.

Ya ready to boba?

How to Make Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema

Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema


How to Make Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema
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How to Make Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema

Black Coffee with Sea Salt Crema


  • Philz Coffee Tesora or any other medium roast coffee grounded for french press 3 tablespoons
  • White sugar 2 tablespoons for coffee, 3 tablespoons for sea cream
  • Heavy whipping cream 4 oz
  • Sea salt 1/2 teaspoons
  • A splash of milk
  • Chocolate shavings for garnish


  1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.
  2. Using a french press, or any other method, brew the coffee. I brew for approximately 7 minutes.
  3. Stir the white sugar into the coffee.
  4. Pop the coffee into the freezer to cool down.
    Sea Cream:
  1. Using an electric mixer or blender, whip the heavy cream to soft peaks.
  2. Add sugar and salt. Whip again.
  3. Add at least a splash of milk and whip again, incrementally adding more if needed. The end product should be just thin enough to drip, but thick enough to float on top of the coffee.
    Put It All Together:
  1. If the coffee hasn’t chilled, scoop half a cup of ice into a martini shaker. Crushed ice is great, but cubed works fine too. Pour the mixture into the shaker, put the cap back on, and shake, shake, shake! 10 seconds will do.
  2. Filter the drink into a serving glass, and utilize half of the remaining ice from the shaker in the drink.
  3. Scoop the sea cream into a spoon and let it slowly drip on top of the coffee. Add at least enough so it forms a layer covering the coffee, and more to your heart’s desire.
  4. Enjoy!

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