Mt Tam Triple Cream Black Tea

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March 7, 2020 0 Comments

When Happy Lemon and its signature drink series, Rock Salt and Cheese, went viral, boba shockwaves coursed through our sugary veins. It was fun, it was weird, it was exotic. But as with all things in our world, the hype died down, and now, getting this cream cheese mixture in your bubble tea is just another normal day.

Mt Tam Triple Cream Black Tea

When we started going to Liang’s Village last autumn, we discovered a brave genius who was willing to risk it all, up the ante, and use Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt Tam, an organic triple-cream cheese, in place of run-of-the-mill cream cheese, to make their rock salted cheese drink. I was expecting something overwhelming, but you know, it really worked! Mt Tam is definitely one of the more subdued “real” cheeses, but it gives the drink a little kick. I went home, made a more subtle version, and reals enjoyed myself.

If you’re a brave lad and feeling lucky today, give it a try! I highly recommend it. Or if you’re lazy like I am sometimes, just hit up Liang’s.

Mt Tam Triple Cream Black Tea
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Yield: 2

Mt Tam Triple Cream Black Tea



  1. Boil the water and brew the tea for 4 minutes. I use the Bodum which is a coffee press but is versatile for my tea-making needs, too.
  2. Stir sugar into the tea and let cool completely.
  3. Peel and discard the rind from the cheese. Chop the cheese up into smaller bits.
  4. Mix heavy cream, Mt Tam cheese, and condensed milk in a blender until it is a stiff peak.
  5. Add the splash of milk to the cream mixture and stir.
  6. When the tea has cooled, pour into serving glasses over ice. Slowly pour the cream mixture over the ice via a sifter to filter out any unblended cheese.
  7. Sprinkle salt over the cheese.


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